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Summer School Update

March 15, 2019

This year we are increasing our Summer School offerings to include STOR 320, Intro to Data Science.  This immensely popular class will be held during Summer Session II, and like all of our Summer School courses it will not be restricted to Statistics & Analytics students.

STOR 320 Introduction to Data Science

Prerequisite, STOR 155. Development of basic skill set for data analysis from obtaining data to data carpentry, exploration, modeling, and communication. Topics covered include regression, clustering, classification, algorithmic thinking, and non-standard data objects (networks and text data).


Summer ISummer II
STOR 113 Decision Models for Business and EconomicsSTOR 155 Introduction to Data Models and Inference
STOR 155 Introduction to Data Models and InferenceSTOR 320 Introduction to Data Science
STOR 435 Introduction to ProbabilitySTOR 455 Statistical Methods I