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STOR at the UNC Science Expo

April 5, 2023
STOR in Science Expo

Last Saturday, April 1st, UNC held its annual Science Expo.

The STOR booth was a success! Prof. Mariana Olvera-Cravioto led the organization with support from Profs. Andrew Nobel and Zoe Huang, and the help of several graduate students:

  • Panos Andreou
  • Elyse Borgert
  • Prabhanka Deka

  • Hank Flury
  • Alexander Murph
    • Dawn Sanderson
    • Andrew Walker

    and undergraduate STAN majors:

    • Carly Barello
    • Albert Bright
    • Keelin Caffrey
    • Irvin Carreon

    • Sanjana Chaudhary
    • Sam Kunesch
    • Shreya Kusumanchi
    • Emily Kuykendall

    • Haley Sears
    • Grace Sun
    • Yanchen Xie
    • Valen Zhang

    We prepared a variety of fun games including:

    Monty Hall game
    Monty Hall game
    Mind reader
    Mind reader

    Galton board
    Galton board
    Network formation game
    Network formation game