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Welcome new faculty members

September 29, 2016

The Statistics and Operations Research Department would like to welcome our newest faculty members, Assistant Professors Nicolas Fraiman and Sayan Banerjee!


sayan_banerjeeDr. Banerjee received his undergraduate and masters education at the Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata. He completed his Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Washington in Seattle, under Chris Burdzy, before going to England for a postdoctoral program at the University of Warwick with Wilfrid Kendall. His research interests lie in interacting particle systems, studying connections between probabilistic couplings and geometry, random walks in random environments and random matrices. When he is not working, he can be found humming along with his guitar.



Dr. Fraiman obtained his Ph.D. in 2013 from McGill University supervised by Luc Devroye. He then went on to postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Pennsylvania working with Robin Pemantle, and at Harvard University working with Martin Nowak. He is interested in probabilistic analysis of random structures, algorithms, and evolutionary dynamics.