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PhD Defense: Dhruv Patel

403 Dey Hall 135 South Road, Chapel HIll, NC

Community Dynamic Factor Models: Correlation Networks, Clustering Guarantees and Vector Autoregressions   Network-based techniques for high-dimensional time series data have gained popularity due to their success in various fields, such as neuroscience and econometrics. These methods treat component time series … Continued

PhD Defense: Younghoon Kim

305 Dey Hall 135 South Road, Chapel HIll, NC

Modeling Multiple-Subject and Discrete-Valued High-Dimensional Time Series   This thesis focuses on two separate topics in modeling of high-dimensional time series (HDTS) with several structures and their various applications. The first topic is on modeling HDTS from multiple subjects. Here, … Continued

PhD Defense: Siqi Xiang

Binary Expansion Testing and Gait Force Analysis The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) gene expression data are very complex, reflecting many types of relationships between genes. Here we study pairs of genes and investigate potentially interesting nonlinear dependencies some of which … Continued

GSS: Taylor Petty

120 Hanes Hall Hanes Hall, Chapel Hill, NC

Bayesian Forensic DNA Mixture Deconvolution With a Novel String Similarity Measure   Abstract: Forensic scientists have great interest in deconvolving profiles in crime scene samples, particularly to test the presence of a courtroom suspect. However, DNA degradation, low material quantity, … Continued

Colloquium: Didong Li

120 Hanes Hall Hanes Hall, Chapel Hill, NC

Uncovering the Interpretability and Identifiability of Gaussian Processes: From Application to Theory   Gaussian processes (GPs) are widely employed as versatile modeling and predictive tools in spatial statistics, functional data analysis, computer modeling and diverse applications of machine learning. While … Continued

Colloquium: Gary Koch

120 Hanes Hall Hanes Hall, Chapel Hill, NC

Analysis of Covariance: Model-based and Randomization-based   For randomized clinical trials with at least moderate sample size, adjustment of comparisons between treatments for baseline covariables can be helpful for two reasons. One is enhancement of power, and the other is … Continued

STOR Commencement Ceremony

Genome Science Room 100 250 Bell Tower Road, Chapel Hill, NC

The Department of Statistics and Operations Research will hold its commencement ceremony on Sunday May 14th at 1:00pm in the Genome Science Building.  All undergraduate STAN majors, STOR master's students and STOR PhD students are invited.  In order to have … Continued