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Ph.D. Alumni


John W. Adams
Autoregressive Models and Testing of Hypotheses Associated with these Models
Advisor: S.N. Roy

Anna Admirdjanova
Topics in Stochastic Fluid Dynamics
Advisor: G. Kallianpur
Placement: Department of Statistics, University of Michigan (2000-)

Jeongyoun Ahn
Geometrical Approches to High Dimensional, Low Sample Size Data Anaylsis
Advisor: J.S. Marron
Placement: Assistant Professor, University of Georgia

Brian Aldershof
Estimation of Integrated Squared Density Derivatives
Advisor: J.S. Marron

Charles Alexander
Statistical Tests Based on the Levy and Prokhorov Metrics
Advisor: G. Simons

Sigmund J. Amster
A Modified Bayes Stopping Rule
Advisor: W.J. Hall

Hyowon An
Gaussian Centered L-Moments
Advisor: J.S. Marron and Kai Zhang
Placement: Postdoc, UNC Lineberger Cancer Center

Burcu Aydin
Principal Component Analyses for Tree Structured Objects
Advisor: Gabor Pataki and J.S. Marron
Placement: HP Research, Palo Alto

Changryong Baek
Second Order Properties of Distribution Tails & Estimation of Tail Exponents in Random Difference Equations
Advisor: Vladas Pipiras
Placement: Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, Sungkyunkwan University

R. Raj Bahadur
On a Class of Decision Problems in the Theory of R Populations
Advisor: H. Robbins

Ping Bai
Temporal-Spatial Modeling for fMRI Data
Advisor: Kinh Truong and R.L. Smith
Placement: Risk Analyst at PayPal, San Jose, CA.

David Baldwin
Topics in the Theory of Stochastic Processes Taking Values in the Dual of A Countably Hilbertian Nuclear Space
Advisor: G. Kallianpur

Rolf Bargman
A Study of Independence and Dependence in Multivariate Normal Analysis
Advisor: S.N. Roy

Aman Barot
Techniques in Network Embedding and Gaussian Comparison for High-Dimensional Statistics
Advisor: Shankar Bhamidi and Andrew Nobel
Placement: American Credit Acceptance

Sujit Basu
Improved Density Versions of the Central Limit Theorem
Advisor: W.L. Smith

Samopriya Basu
Inverse Problems for a Class of Stochastic Ordinary Differential Equations in a Generalized Fiducial Framework
Advisor: Jan Hannig
Placement: Postdoc, Simon Fraser University

Kamal Benchekroun
Association-Balanced Arrays with Applications to Experimental Design
Advisor: I.M. Chakravarti

Karim Benhenni
Sampling Designs for Estimating Integrals of Stochastic Processes
Advisor: S. Cambanis

Vasant P. Bhapkar
Contributions to the Statistical Analysis of Experiments with One or More Responses
Advisor: S.N. Roy

Helen Bhattacharyya
On Some Nonparametric Estimations of Scale and Large Sample Distribution of Sample Median Adjusted Rank Order Statistics
Advisor: N.L. Johnson

Richard P. Bland
A Minimum Average Risk Solution to the Problem of Finding the Largest Mean
Advisor: D.B. Duncan

Isadore Blumen
The Estimation of the Means of the Multivariate Normal Distribution: Minimax Solutions
Advisor: H. Hotelling

Kelly Bodwin
Mining of Variable Associations
Advisor: Andrew Nobel and Kai Zhang
Placement: Assistant Professor, California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo

Robert E. Bohrer
On Bayes Sequential Design of Experiments
Advisor: W. Hoeffding

Nomesh Bolia
Scheduling in Wireless Cellular Data Networks
Advisor: Vidyadhar Kulkarni
Placement: IIT, Delhi

Guillaume Bonnet
The Burgers Superprocess
Advisor: R. Adler
Placement: Assistant Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara

Petro Borysov
Local Classification of Clinical Data
Advisor: J.S. Marron and Jan Hannig
Placement: SAS Institute

Ralph A. Bradley
Sampling Distribution for Non-Normal Inverses
Advisor: H. Hotelling

Anita Brogan
Mutual Fund and Security Selection Through an Operations Research Lens
Advisor: Shaler Stidham
Placement: Research Triangle Institute

Maria Brooks
Bandwidth Selection Methods for Kernel-Estimators of the Intensity Functions of a Nonhomogeneous Poisson Process
Advisor: J.S. Marron