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Capstone Projects

As part of the program requirements, MS students are required to complete a capstone project for a client under the supervision of a faculty.

Examples of projects

The following are some examples of past capstone projects with “Titles” (clients):

  • “Causal inference of the TV advertising intervention effect on revenue” (Carpe)
  • “Determinants of rejected mail ballots” (UNC Department of Political Science)
  • “Does the amount of Lipolysis-stimulated lipoprotein receptors in breast cancer cells affect the survival probability?” (NCCU Department of Biological and Biomedical Sciences)
  • “Evaluating the Impact of ABM Medication Synchronization Implementation on Medication Adherence” (UNC School of Pharmacy)
  • “Impacts of Patients’ Parents Virtually Attending the Rounds on Rounding Time” (UNC Pediatric Critical Care)
  • “Impact of Relational Coordination on Job Satisfaction and Retention of Military Healthcare Professionals” (UNC School of Nursing)
  • “NFL Adjusted Plus-Minus Special Teams Models” (NFL Big Data Bowl)
  • “Prediction of time spent on the research administrative support requests” (UNC Research Finance Service Center)
  • “Predicting the Effects of School Lunch Programs on Measures of Academic Success” (NC Alliance for Health)
  • “Relationship Analysis Between Financial Measures and Company Information” (NCCU School of Business)
  • “Study Abroad Pre-Departure and Post-Program Survey Data Analysis” (UNC Study Abroad Office)
  • “The Looma Project: Exploration of Features and Story Types” (The Looma Project)
  • “Topic Detection on Therapeutic Twitter Data with Latent Dirichlet Allocation” (ZS Associates)
  • “Using Generalized Linear Regression models to Determine the effect of reide-scourcing demand on road crashes” (UNC Department of City and Regional Planning)
  • “Volunteer Nurses in North Carolina during COVID-19” (North Carolina Area Health Education Centers)
  • “What affects membership’s assessment? – Interpretable Models for Satisfaction with Different Aspects of HNC” (Bleeding Disorders Foundation of North Carolina)