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K-12 students

Data Outreach Program for Students

STOR graduate students have been working to organize an outreach program aimed at educating local K-12 students in data science topics. We have recently registered our program, Data Outreach Program for Students (Data OPS), as an official UNC student organization. The current goal for this group is to build community partnerships, develop usable content, and gain experience in teaching and delivering content to the target age group. We ultimately hope to lead the program from this initial development phase to an emphasis on reaching underserved students. Our members have facilitated a collaboration with Taylor Gibson, Dean of Mathematics at North Carolina School of Science and Math (NCSSM), to develop and deliver a webinar series for high school students across North Carolina. The content for this series aims to introduce basic data literacy through interactive demonstrations. Thanks to Murph, Brendan, Jack, Ben, Tom, Benjy, and Professors Nobel, McLean, and Pipiras for their contributions to this effort. If you are interested in getting involved or volunteering to help host a webinar session please contact Elyse (