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Undergraduate Awards

STAN Award

This is an award given to graduating senior(s) who excelled in their course studies and/or stood out among their peers by the potential they have shown through their achievements in STAN-related activities, including outside the classroom initiatives and independent research studies.

Mann Award

The Mann award is given to graduating STAN majors who have shown great success and future potential in actuarial science through their performances in courses and actuarial exams, as well as their service outside the classroom, contributing to the preservation of the actuarial science network and activities on campus.


W. Robert Mann Award

  • 2023: Thomas Mark Drake
  • 2022: Siddharth Bowgal
  • 2021: Luokexin Mo

Statistics and Analytics Award

  • 2023: Henry Robert Shugart and Cindy Yang
  • 2022: Chandler Glad and Rui Xue
  • 2021: Kush Patel, Gabrielle Ruehle, and Wencheng Zhang