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Shankar Bhamidi
Shankar S. Bhamidi
304 Hanes Hall

I joined the department in July 2009 after completing a postdoc in the Mathematics Department at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. I completed my Ph.D. in 2008 at the Department of Statistics, University of California, Berkeley under Professor David Aldous

Research Interests

Probability, Random Networks, MCMC, and Probabilistic Combinatorial Optimization

Research Synopsis

I work in both probability and statistics. In my research I have worked on stochastic processes, random networks including dynamics on network models and random graphs. I am interested in problems that have originated from some applied branch of science, to which probability can say something fruitful and non-trivial. I try to find unifying mathematical principles which can be used to solve a variety of problems. Please contact me for more details regarding the nature of my exact research, courses I have taught and about my life in general.