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Workshop at the Casa Matemática Oaxaca (CMO/BIRS)

September 22, 2023
BIRS/CMO workshop

A workshop on “Mathematical and Statistical Tools for High Dimensional Data on Compressive Networks” has been funded by the Banff International Research Station (BIRS) to run at the Casa Matem├ítica Oaxaca (CMO) from May 26 to May 31 in 2024. The workshop will have up to 42 onsite and 300 virtual participants.

The proposal was led by the FRG Team (Prof. Jingfang Huang, Prof. Shahar Kovalsky, Prof. Yao Li, Prof. Jeremy Marzuola, Prof. Yichao Wu, Prof. Kai Zhang, and Prof. Ping-shou Zhong) and Prof. Linglong Kong from the University of Alberta and Prof. Jordan Rodu from the University of Virginia.

Information will be updated at the workshop website.